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5 Advantages to Selling Your Home in the Winter Months

Posted: December 07, 2015 by Amber Stimmel

Far too often home sellers are reluctant to list their homes for sell in the winter months out of fear that the home will sit on the market until the spring “selling season.” Let me ease a bit of that fear, and tell you some of the many benefits of selling in the winter.

Winter Buyers are Motivated

Buyers who are willing to disrupt their holiday vacations are pretty serious about buying. In many cases these buyers are in a position that they have to move be it a job transfer, a new baby, or family obligations. Because they are so motivated, they are usually prepared. A prepared buyer usually results in a quicker transaction! These buyers also know what they want, and if they request a showing of your home, there is a good chance that an offer will follow. Trying to close before January is also a huge motivating factor, as both buyers and sellers can sometimes benefit from the tax credits and deductions that come with a real estate transaction.

Many Large Companies Transfer Employees at the Beginning of the Year

In growing cities and towns (and our area is one of those!) when a company relocates or opens a location, they often transfer employees for the start of the new year. I am no business finance expert, but my guess is that in doing so theses companies are able to better organize their financial and tax ventures. This puts the Buyer in a situation to buy quickly, as oftentimes corporations will fund the move and have set timelines for when the move occurs.

Less Competition and Less Inventory

Sellers whose homes are on the market in the winter months have the great advantage of less competition. Since spring is the “hottest market” and most sellers list at that time, winter sellers enter a market with fewer homes. Buyers have less to look at and are able to choose more easily without being pulled in a million different directions.

The Holidays Give Your Home Extra Sparkle

Selling during the holidays may be stressful, but think about how pretty your home looks dressed in all of its holiday finery. Winter is the perfect time to highlight the cozy features of your home. Holidays naturally elicit feelings of nostalgia and memories of home. The winter time allows sellers to capitalize on that. Not only does your home look shiny, but chances are your neighbors’ houses looked a bit better too.

Southeastern Weather!

Sellers in our area have an extra ace in the pocket, our mild winter weather. In places like Boston or New York home selling in the winter months can be a bit tricky due to large amounts of winter precipitation. Not here! Many of the buyers in our area are transplants tired of the cold. In Florida these buyers are “winter birds;” in NC they are “Half Backs”. That is “They move to Florida and realize it is a little too warm, so they come half-way back.” Many of the buyers that our sellers encounter have come to the coast for a vacation from the cold, and enjoyed our temperatures (Hello, it was 70 degrees in December!) so much that they decided to stay.

In closing, you shouldn’t be scared to sell in the winter. In fact, you might just have some big advantages! If you are thinking about selling, give one of our many agents a call. They can talk you through all of the advantages and help get your home SOLD! You can find tons of Seller Resources on our website here

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